Shaklee Testimonies 


Hi Shaklee Friends! 
 I continue to be impressed by what's happening to people who are using Vivix !  Please read - they are stories of hope, and you may know someone (perhaps alot of people) who could benefit from using a product like this! 
And if we put value on our health, $2.40/day on autoship -  (less than a cup of StarBucks coffee), the price shouldn't be an issue, right?! 
 Larry and I use it every day too, and we feel it is another important part to the puzzle of health that will continue to give us quality of life as we get older and keep us off medications with all the side effects!
A toast to your health with Vivix ( it's equal to the resveratrol in 100 glasses of red wine in a teaspoon!)
       We appreciate your friendship and your business,   Kitty & Larry


Vivix and The Story of Two Moms


Vivix – Shaklee’s breakthrough cellular anti-aging supplement - made from a powerful blend of resveratrol and supergrape polyphenols, continues to astonish us with the quick health improvements that people are experiencing in such a short time. Designed to address and slow down the four key mechanisms of cellular aging, Vivix opens up the possibility of living years longer and feeling years younger with increased vitality.


1.  Danielle’s Mom

“My mom is 72, very overweight, has mild diabetes, is a heavy smoker, and is caregiver to my dad, who is disabled from many strokes. So she suffers from some depression related to the significant life change for her after my dad’s stroke. She has always been a napper, but the last few years, she takes 2, sometimes 3 naps a day. Then is often up half the night. She moves really slow and accomplishes only minimal tasks!


She has been taking Vivix for maybe 2 months now. I talk to her almost daily and quite often she is in her pajamas a good part of the day, procrastinates to even go to the grocery store until there is nothing for them to eat! However in the past few weeks, I’ve seen a transformation. She goes out almost every day, IN THE MORNINGS quite often, and I put “mornings” in caps because this is significant. Getting moving that fast for her in the past has been unheard of. She is having lunches with friends, running errands, and doing more than I’ve seen her doing in years. And she feels good. And miraculously, she said she is losing her desire to nap. This is amazing and something I never thought possible!


I’ve been wanting to say, “Mom, I think the Vivix is working for you”, but I’ve waited. Finally this morning she said that she thinks the Vivix is taking hold and told me the changes she has been feeling (what I’ve been seeing and have written above). Incredible stuff! Just thought I would share!”—Danielle



2.  Patty’s Mom

Vivix is truly an amazing product doing wonderful things for many people. One of those people is my Mom. I can honestly say that the path that led me to Shaklee has been well worth it if for no other reason than having been able to help my mom, who I love so dearly. It doesn’t get better than that! Here are a few words straight from Mom”:


“For many years the base of my thumb(s) has been swollen from arthritis. Each year it has worsened. When Vivix came out I was skeptical, but I had so much pain in my thumb that I was willing to try anything. After on Vivix only three days I was absolutely amazed. I live with my daughter and I couldn’t wait to show her my thumbs. We stared together, in absolute awe, as the swelling was gone – and the pain was substantially less!


I also had hip pain. That didn’t go away quite as quickly. The pain was so terrible that walking more than 20 steps at a time was prohibitive. Yet within two weeks of being on Vivix it began to improve. And now, after about six weeks, I have very little hip pain at all. I can do something I haven’t been able to do for a long time – take my dog for a walk all the way around the block. This would be enough to keep me on my Vivix, but I have noticed another wonderful thing has happened.


I have Reynaud’s Syndrome. This is a condition in which the smallest arteries that bring blood to the fingers or toes constrict (go into spasm). One of the triggers, and the one that affects me, is the cold. Even entering a cold grocery store can cause my fingers to go white, or even turn blue. It is very uncomfortable and often I have to wear gloves where other people wouldn’t. Wintertime is always a concern for me. Not so this year! Not only have I needed gloves incredibly less often than usual, BUT I have had no episodes of my fingers turning white. I can only attribute it to Vivix, and it is wonderful!”

Clarice –Patty’s 82 year old Mom


Thank you Danielle and Patty for sharing your Mom’s stories. How many Moms (and Dads and Uncles and Aunts, etc.) can be helped by sharing Vivix today? How many lives can we change? Please pass on this newsletter to people you care about and/or encourage them to contact us to order or learn more about Vivix.



Chuck’s Parkinson’s Story                                                                 Dec. 2008


My Shaklee Vivix story  – the one that is most near and dear to my heart is my husband’s story.

A bit of background:

I am 58, Chuck is 78.  We’ve been married 24 years.  He is the love of my life.  What I didn’t know way back before we met, was that I was in love with him even before I knew he existed.  Do you know what I mean?  That’s the kind of relationship we have.

About 5 years ago Chuck was diagnosed with Parkinson’s  Disease – a progressive neurological disorder, no cure.  When you hear Parkinson’s you may think of Michael J. Fox, or the former Pope, who lived with Parkinson’s for many, many years.  Chuck has a very relaxed attitude about his PD, he figures something would eventually get him, and it could be worse.


For those of you not familiar with PD, some of the symptoms are:

Ø      tremors in the hand and legs

Ø      slow walk, eventually becoming a shuffle

Ø      hunched posture

Ø      balance and coordination issues

Ø      impaired large and small muscle dexterity

Ø      speech problems

Ø      drooling

Ø      facial ‘mask’ – people with PD begin to lose their expression, have a quiet dullness about them, or as I refer to it, their lights go out


Okay, so that’s what we have been dealing with for the last 5 years.  Chuck has been taking Shaklee supplements for 7 years and is on prescription meds for the PD.  I’ve done a lot of research, talked with others, and have him on a pretty solid Shaklee program – which we are constantly tweaking as we learn more.

At convention this year, when Vivix, our new anti-aging tonic, was announced, Dr. Jamie McManus, Director of Health Sciences at Shaklee, said people with diabetes, heart disease and neurological diseases would have the most results.  Well, you can imagine the cheer that went up in OUR section!  My dear friends all did a zizzt stare at me.  Talk about a heart flutter!

I brought Vivix home from convention and Chuck began taking it mid August and has been faithful with it every day!  He promised me he would do that for 6 months before making any decision on whether to continue it or not.  Keep in mind, my darling husband is my very best skeptic!


Now if you would ask him how he feels today, he’d say he doesn’t feel any different.  I did invite him to come along tonight so you could meet him, but he really isn’t fond of meetings like this – plus he’s at a party with a bunch of his buddies!

My report to you is that little things are happening.  And it’s often the little things in life that mean the most!  He’s back to:

1.      laughing,

2.      participating in conversations at family gatherings,

3.      whistling around the house,

4.      doing his cute little two step when he’s being funny,

5.      standing straighter when he hugs me,

6.      he’s just more engaged in life –

7.      and the best of all – his lights are back on!

Is Vivix making a difference in Chuck’s health and in our hope for him?  You bet it is!  And is he going to keep taking it after his promised 6 months?  He better!


Paula Pursley 



Blood Work Improvements:


When Vivix was introduced - we knew from our Shaklee scientists and Dr. David Sinclair that this product had the potential to change lives and health for the better!!   Well - here's our first actual "proof" that just taking 1 tsp. per day of this amazing supplement can drastically change health status in as little as 5 weeks.  Check out the blood work that Don received after only FIVE weeks of taking the Vivix.  He hasn't done anything different but add this product in - he still takes the regular Shaklee supplements he's always taken but hasn't been working out (pulled hamstring and sore shoulder) - eating the best (drat - we are working on that) and still, STILL - look at the changes:


                                           Feb. 2008                                                        Oct. 6 2008


Triglycerides                         301                                                                    186

 Total Cholesterol                 199                                                                    178

    HDL  (good)                        51                                                                      50

    LDL  (bad)                        109                                                                       91



Remember - this is just five weeks of using Vivix and the other side benefit is that we are sleeping better ! ! !